Staehle Consulting, Principal, Roger W. Staehle, Ph.D., NAE
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Expert witness

Consulting in legal matters

Staehle has been working on litigations since he started his Ph.D. studies in 1961 at The Ohio State University.  When he completed his Ph.D. in 1965, he was invited to join the faculty at Ohio State and was a professor there until 1979, when he left for The University of Minnesota.  He continued his litigation work while at both universities, and continues to do so today.

During his career as a litigation consultant he worked as an individual consultant to lawyers; he has also worked together with several other consultants, and sometimes with large groups.  In some cases he has been chairman of large consulting groups.

He has avoided building his own facilities.  Each consulting project demands different equipment, and maintaining such a group would burden his clients with unnecessary overhead.  Instead, Staehle subcontracts all of his needs for research equipment.  He is familiar with the work of the best people in the world and their capabilities.  He has subcontracted work to national laboratories, specialized industrial laboratories, and to organizations in other countries.  No single group in the world can handle the diversity that Staehle requires in service to his clients.

There are times when the complexity of problems from Staehle’s clients demand a broader array of backgrounds.  Again, such demands vary greatly with the clients.  Staehle then forms groups to meet the needs of his clients, or joins other groups.  This strategy also lowers the overhead costs to clients.

Some of the topics of Staehle’s consulting include:


  • Hot isostatic pressure vessel.
  • Ammonium nitrate manufacture.
  • Depropanizer.
  • Refrigeration systems.

Nuclear piping

  • Large and small diameter BWR piping.
  • Carbon steel tertiary piping.
  • Feedwater piping.
  • Control rod drive mechanisms.
  • BWR control rod housings.
  • Stainless steel piping and welds.


  • Fires in nuclear plants.
  • Carpet factory.
  • Electrical equipment.


  • Above-ground steel piping.
  • Undersea piping.
  • Pipelines.

Tubines and condensers

  • Fossil blade SCC.
  • Tube sheet and tube corrosion.


  • Failure of the Columbia orbiter.
  • Aircraft structures.

Radioactive waste

  • Integrity of container.
  • Sight selection.


  • Bridges.
  • Reinforced brick panels.
  • SCC of post tension cables.

Chemical industry

  • Corrosion in paper plant.

Water distribution

  • Blue water.
  • SCC and dezincification of brass fittings.
  • Microbiological corrosion.


  • Failure of bicycle components.