Staehle Consulting, Principal, Roger W. Staehle, Ph.D., NAE
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Nuclear power
  • Worked in nuclear power since 1957 when he was an engineer for Naval Reactors program responsible for fuel cladding and fuels.
  • Attended reactor school at Bettis: “learn everything about everything in nuclear power.”
  • Founder and chairman of Corrosion Advisory Committee (CAC) for Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). 
  • Technology of BWR, PWR, PHWR plants.
  • Failure of welds in BWR pressure vessels and piping. 
  • Fires in nuclear plants.
  • Research supported by AEC, Edison Electric Institute, EPRI, NRC.
  • Co-chairman with H. Okada of Nippon Steel of U.S.-Japan meeting at Fujiyama on subject of predicting corrosion performance in nuclear plants. View of Mount Fuji and cherry blossams.
  • Member of projects on “Pro-active” assessment committees concerned with preventing premature failures in nuclear plants:  USNRC sponsored the first PMDA (Proactive Materials Degradation Assessment) 2004-2006; PMDM (Proactive Materials Degradation Management)  Fracture and Reliability Research Institute, Tohoku University 2007-present; EPMDA, 2010-present—sponsors United State Department of Energy and United State Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Members of USNRC PMDA committee.

  • Consultant on projects concerned with storage of radioactive waste for Japan and for the United States at Yucca Mountain.  Demonstrated that the C-22 alloy chosen by DOE as a container material was not adequate and readily sustains SCC.
  • Principal organizer of focus meetings: initiation of SCC; cold work effects on SCC; combined effects of lead and sulfur impurities; prediction of SCC; properties of heat transfer crevices.
  • Principal chairman and organizer of the QMN “Quantitative Micro-Nano” yearly forum for developing atomistic approaches to predicting SCC in nuclear plants.
  • Author of PPT show “Rickover and Reliability” invited lecture at 2009 meeting of Canadian Nuclear Society.
  • Consultant on cracked feeder tubes for HWPRs.
  • First to identify SCC in stainles steel piping in a BWR plant.
  • Consultant on SCC and creep failure occuring at feeder tube fabricated from carbon steel in a Point Lepreau, Canada, plant.

SCC and creep failure occuring at feeder tube fabricated from carbon steel

  • Consultant on SCC of steel piping in tertiary systems.

SCC steep piping in tertiary systems